Our Products

Burner / Sequence Controllers

107 - S - 60, 107 - S - 30 (Standard models with pre purge time of 60 Seconds and 30 seconds)


UV Flame Sensor designed by Linear Systems uses very sensitive electronic UV tube.

Flame Rod Amplifier

LINEAR SYSTEM's Flame rod sensor senses the flame using flame detection rectification technique.

Burner Controllers

The controllers are housed in an ABS plastic enclosure with overall size of 70 mm (L)x 110 mm(B)x105 mm

Flame Sensors

Flame Sensor uses a Light Dependent Resistor ( LDR ) for sensing flame. The flame sensor essentially senses the "Light" emitted by flame.

Flame Amplifier

FLAME EYE (FE-01) is a flame detector, which is sensitive to visible light.This used CDS ( cadmium Sulphate) photo resistor as light sensing device.

Ignition Transformer

Operating Voltage:230 V ( -15 % + 10% )50/60 Hz, Primary Current:0.22 A Output:50 VA

Flame Rod for Gas Flames

Detect small Ionisation current. Economical Flame Sensor for small Gas Burners. Available in 6.25 mm Diameter and 3 mm Diameter.